Let your Wi-Fi do the talking.

By taking advantage of your public Wi-Fi hotspot you can increase social media engagement, boost your online exposure and collect useful information about your visitors and customers.

You don’t need any technical knowledge. You just need Auki.

How does it work?

Auki is a Wi-Fi based location analytics and engagement solution. In simple terms, it uses Wi-Fi to tell you more about your visitors and allows you to get their attention.


Set up your device and create a public hotspot


Customers connect to your Wi-Fi by checking-in on Facebook at your location


Engage with visitors, direct them to custom content and spread word of your brand

Increasing your online presence

When a customer checks-in at your location it’s instantly shared with their friends, and a check-in also lets you know who’s visiting and allows you to connect. So, with Auki, you’re able to gain more impressions and social media data than from many other, more complicated products and platforms – and for a lower price, too.

1 Look out for Facebook check-ins
2 Direct checked-in visitors to custom content
3 Greatly improve social media engagement

Try it out

Type in the name of your Facebook page and enter your email address to see how it looks!

Customer insights and analytics

Improving your online presence is a big part of Auki, but we’re even more interested in helping you understand your customers. Our analytics and statistics allow you to compare visitor trends after launching campaigns or running events, which means you can get a better impression of how effective your activities have been.

Know who your visitors are and where they’re coming from
Keep track of visiting times and durations
See your top customers
Stay in touch with your visitors
Compare your audiences during events and promotions

A secure and easy WiFi Solution

Stay focused on your business while we use our powerful back end infrastructure to manage and monitor things for you. We use enterprise grade access points to deliver a stable and secure wireless network.