Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of your most common questions. If you have a query that we haven’t answered yet, get in touch!

What is a Facebook Check-in?

A check-in is a Facebook post that allows you to share your location with your friends. You can check-in almost anywhere, including bars, museums, parks and even your own house. When your visitors check-in to your venue it’ll be shared with their online contacts, and the more check-ins you have, the higher your business will rank in searches and the ‘nearby’ tab on Facebook.

What kind of access point will I get?

Our basic product is a 2.4Ghz enterprise access point, which can handle up to 50 users at the same time and works within a range of 100 metres. It also has a number of other useful features that you won’t find with consumer grade hardware. Alongside our standard package we offer dual band, AC and outdoor versions, so feel free to send us a message if you’d like to know more.

Do I need an internet connection?

Yes, you do - all our devices require a working, active internet connection. Check your internet connection to make sure it’s strong enough to support an Auki network; for a reasonable speed for your visitors, 10 Mbit should be just fine.

What if I need help setting up?

We’re happy to give you guidance or even to help set up on-site. But don't worry, our devices are really easy to set up even without a technical background. Simply connect our device to an existing internet connection, configure your Wi-Fi hotspot online, and you’re done.

What about my customers' privacy?

We know your customers’ privacy is important. Auki is a voluntary, opt-in service, which means visitors can opt-out and remove their personal data at any time. We do, however, have to keep a log of all connections - but this is just to help prevent and detect any suspicious activity.

How can I boost my Wi-Fi coverage?

All our devices will automatically work together to deliver a stable wireless network. To expand your Wi-Fi network, you can buy additional indoor or outdoor access points – contact us to find out how.

How much does it cost?

Our packages start at € 25 per month. We have a few different pricing models depending on what you need, but each consists of a one-off setup fee and a monthly subscription. For a list of available packages and a bit more information, take a look at our pricing page.

What if my customers don't use Facebook?

Don’t worry. We can easily add options that require an email address or password to use your Wi-Fi, rather than a Facebook check-in. These optional extras mean you can still capture the data of users who don’t use social networks.

Will my network be secure?

Of course! We follow industry standards and isolate visitors on the public network, meaning they’re unable to access other devices. This shields your private network from threats and protects vulnerable systems, so you and your visitors can use the network safely.

What if I want coverage in multiple locations, or outdoors?

This is certainly something we can do, but we might need to chat about it first. Large installations are slightly more complicated, so please contact us for more information and to discuss what you need.