Boosting social media engagement is just the beginning. Learn more about the features of Auki and how they could help you to promote your business, connect with your audience and improve your marketing strategies.

Social media sharing

Access a new audience through check-in activated Wi-Fi. Every time a visitor connects to your Wi-Fi they’ll have to check-in at your location on Facebook, automatically sharing your business with their friends.

Analytics dashboard

Our dashboard analyses all connections and provides you with real-time customer data and insights. This will help you understand your customers and improve your marketing strategies.

Custom landing pages

Use our dashboard to adapt the content of your landing page. We can also create a fully customised landing page that integrates other social networks or existing customer relationship management systems.

Newsletter campaigns

Anyone who connects to your Wi-Fi can be imported automatically into your MailChimp mailing list, where they’ll be ready to receive your next newsletter or special offer.

Easy installation and configuration

Plug and play! Simply connect the access point to an existing network connection and use our dashboard to set up your Wi-Fi hotspot.

WiFi opening hours

Don’t let users take advantage of your Wi-Fi while you’re closed. With Wi-Fi opening hours visitors will only be able to connect during the times defined by you.

Secure WiFi

Stay secure. Each visitor to your public network is isolated and unable to communicate with other devices on the network, which increases security and protects vulnerable systems.

Enterprise hardware

Get a stable Wi-Fi network and great area coverage with our enterprise hardware, which unlike many of our competitors we use as standard. Our devices are also cloud managed, which means they can be checked up on quickly and efficiently.


Our devices feature Power over Ethernet, which means you only need one cable for both your data and power. They also have different mounting options for maximum flexibility.

Second private network

Worried about security? You can create an extra, password-protected Wi-Fi network for your employees or your point of sale system, which ensures visitors won’t be able to access important devices.

Stay in control

With the help of our dashboard you can easily manage your network, even if you don’t have a technical background. You can name your network, create private networks, add bandwidth limits, blacklist visitors and monitor bandwidth usage.